Interview with Todd


                                                                 ~*~TODD’S INTERVIEW~*~



Hello my loves. This is flower signing on.

Right now I’m making my third video for Boise Love, Earthy Inspirations. 

Right now I’m about to go take a care package to one of the individuals. That has a quilt, raincoat, some food, a storage container, a suitcase, and some personal care items.

So right now, I’m just walking around the path that they have to go to every single day to get to their safe haven. I have to be more careful with this video,

Because like I said, this is their place of peace, they’re safe. This is where they go every single night to lay their head, and to make sure they’re okay. 

So I don’t want to really jeopardize their safety or security. I don’t want anybody coming up here to check it out, that’s not what this is about.

This is about Showing people, or telling people other stories so they can get involved and help out our community. Because a lot of these people out here aren’t just out here, because they want to b, or that they want things handed to them. No, these people are out here, because something traumatic happened to them in their lives and they’re trying to recover from it.

In their life, and they’re trying to recover from it. so they’re living off the earth. So what I’ll say, is that they’re free spirits living off the earth. 

And this individual touched me, his story was quite amazing and he’s then in my thoughts, and on my heart. And so I would absolutely love to share his story with you,  with his name, how we got here. His past, and how he’s surviving. 

So right now, I’m actually looking his spot, this is actually the first time that I’ve been out here.

So I’m going to put on pause, because I keep running into trees.